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In celebration of the American release of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations, my insane friends and I have come up with this countdown comic. A comic a day, an hour per comic, following Prosecutor Godot as he is deprived of coffee for a whole day. Due to its nature, it will only be 24 strips long, not counting prologue and finale. Contains: Crossovers, crack, non-canon nonsense, and general brain-melting goodness.

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Hour 21
Hour 21

October 10th, 2007, 5:07 pm

Heads up, for days 18-21

I will not be at my usual computer those days, because I'm going on a trip to LA. I'm going to use the automatic updater thing, but if it doesn't work... well... That sucks. I'm sorry DX

Also, the 21st is Addict's birthday. Be extra nice to her when I'm gone, OK?

October 9th, 2007, 3:42 pm

How This Comic Came to Be :O

I don’t think anyone’s that interested, but here goes.

My dad used to watch the show ‘24’. He recorded it on our DVR, but eventually he stopped watching it because of his work. And since the recordings had accumulated on our DVR, I decided to ask him what it was about.

He told me that the show ‘24’ was a show that had 24 one-hour episodes per season, representing 24 hours in a day. The protagonist had to save something from terrorists in the 24 hours he had.

And one day while I was playing Gyakuten Saiban 3 BEST PRICE (the original, Japanese version of the video game, but with and English language option), I thought about what my dad said. And eventually, while Quandtuniverse and I were talking, I brought it up, and she really liked the idea (and took up on it).

I’m making my own version, but since I don’t have a tablet or as much free time as she has, mine will be published… … by Christmas? ::cough2009cough::

Yeah, so that’s how it kind of happened… I’m sure that Quandtuniverse has her own side of the events ;D

YAY -xfma_addictx

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